“If there’s any art to it I guess it’s just that art of knowing”.

–              Armand Van Helden (2001)

An Investigation Into Creative Sound

My name is Laurie Goldstein and I am studying Honours degree level Creative Sound Production at Abertay University. I have a strong interest in sound production and listen to a lot  of musical styles but in recent years I have been taken in by the electronic dance music [=EDM] scene. Although a major contributor of the music industry, EDM is often regarded as easy to produce and generic, lacking depth and musical talent. My ambition for this year is to thoroughly research and analyse this genre of music by identifying and defining its semiotics, core components and mechanics, through theoretical and practice based research methods,  to discover just how formulaic EDM is. I aim to discover if it is possible to create an EDM sensation just by defining and applying the same techniques and methodologies as successful producers. This blog showcases the work I have undertaken for this project and all the stages I have went through which will lead to my final answer.

If you have found this page and you would like to add something to this project or think you could help I would gratefully answer any emails to 0902661@live.abertay.ac.uk