Finding The Research Domain Topic For My Project

I attended the first lecture held by Robin Sloan. Robin introduced the module and described the mind mapping process and gave a description of the course work submissions for the Professional Practice module of this year and the high level of performance we required to meet. After listening to the lecture I considered the possible subjects I could use for my project. I started by deciding on the two areas of Creative Sound Production that I am most interested in.

  • Electronic Dance Music Production
  • Business in the music Industry

After deciding on these two areas, I thought about potential projects that I could create from these subjects. This is the projects I noted down;

  1. I’d like to investigate commercially successful electronic dance music tracks and discover if there are industry standard methods that are applied to these tracks to make them ready for selling on leading stores such as Itunes, Beatport etc. I’d like to find out what major labels such as Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi or Subliminal Records looks for when they sign artists and if these same techniques I can apply to tracks and get similar results.
  2. I’d like to find out effective marketing techniques for promoting and marketing a music business. There are many free marketing tools online such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and I’d like to find out if it is possible to brand and promote a record label which can sign artists and release to meet the standards of major stores.

After deciding on the two subjects I wanted to pursue I created mind maps showing the different areas of potential for research.

Research Domain Mind Map 1.0 Music Promotion For Electronic Dance Music

Research Domain Mind Map 2.0 Electronic Music Production