Honours Degree Show: Layout Plan

I thought about my honours degree show display and re-designed the layout slightly. I decided to incorporate two computers so that more than one visitor could approach the display at one time, thus reduce waiting time for visitors wanting to see my display. The computer on the left (no.2 of image below) will have Ableton 8 Suite installed with the relevant project which the visitor can interactively test the step-by-step guide. The computer on the right (no.5) will be capable of video play-back and connect to the project (no.4). This computer will show a fifteen minute long documentary style video compiled by the author, and will play on repeat during the exhibition. Headphones will be provided in order to not disrupt any other exhibition.

Pair of Headphones. For the visitor to use when they try the step-by-step guide.

  1. Computer with Ableton 8 Suite. This will be set up with an Ableton 8 Suite Project and will be an interactive feature for the visitor.
  2. Step-by-step guide to producing electronic dance music. This will be the project artifact which the visitor can follow using the computer provided
  3. Projector. A video produced by the author will be played on repeat and shown on the projector.
  4. Second computer. This computer will be used to play the video produced by the author of the project.
  5. Second Pair of Headphones. These will be used to let the visitor hear the video.
  6. Table 1. To hold computer
  7. Table 2 and chair. To hold second computer and allow the visitor to sit down while testing the step-by-step guide.

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