Research Links – Future Music Magazine. This company caters specifically for electronic music producers. The magazine frequently interviews up and coming artists and gives advice on buying edm production equipment, acoustic treatment, music production, plug-ins and just about everything else edm related. – Eight Methods To Find Inspiration. This is an article written by Mike King and discusses effective sources and methods and is intended to help creatives find inspiration. It covers a lot of useful tips and information. – Sound On Sound. This is an online magazine for audio engineers. It contains articles on almost every aspect of production including recording, mixing, software, hardware, monitors etc and I’d highly recommend it for producers at any level of experience. – TED [Technology, Entertainment, Design]. Ted started in 1984 as a conference for creatives from the different art sectors to congregate and discuss their thoughts on inspirations, motivations and other art related topics. Many successful artists working in the creative industries have given speeches at this conference which are recorded and released on the Creative Commons license so they can be freely shared and available to watch on their website. – Music Tech Magazine. This is an online music magazine (also sells physical magazines) that specializes in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). The magazine includes interviews with professionals, tips and tutorials on music production using digital audio workstations and reviews of new music technology.

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